Panel Discussion on SUSTAINABILITY

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Vice President and Head of Chemistry API-R&D
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad, India
Member of Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today Scientific Advisory Board

The panel discussion brings together a diverse and insightful range of perspectives from experts in the pharmaceutical industry. It is encouraging to see that the importance of Sustainability and the adoption of green chemistry principles is high on every company’s agenda. There is a collective understanding of the urgent need to address climate change and reduce the industry’s environmental impact.


Hans Eder from ZETA emphasizes its importance to view Sustainability as an opportunity rather than a cost. Sensible enterprises recognize the changing business dynamics and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint. This perspective is crucial in fostering a mindset shift towards sustainable practices. Christophe Le Ret from Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry highlights the connection between safety standards and environmental credentials. The relevance of holistic life cycle management and using newer chemistries and catalysts are stressed as enablers of sustainable and cost-efficient synthesis. This demonstrates a comprehensive approach to Sustainability that considers every component o ...