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Patent research on disinfectant formulations in home care & personal care

*Corresponding author
SciTech Patent Art Services Private Limited, Plot No. 17 and 22, Road No.12, IDA Nacharam, Hyderabad, 500076, India


Domestic surface cleaning products, dishwashing detergents and beauty & personal care products contain disinfectants such as antimicrobials, germicides, fungicides and anti-allergens. Patent research on disinfectants in consumer products was carried out to uncover the research perspectives in this area. The study covered a period of five years beginning 2008. The key patent filers and their application areas were identified and these were mapped against the chemical ingredients incorporated as disinfectants in formulations. The status of patent filings as well as the hot spots of research and commercial markets for these inventions were brought out through patent research. This space is dominated by corporate companies such as Henkel, BASF, P&G among others which implies high possibilities of technology commercialization. A large number of patent applications have been filed in US, Europe and Asia which signifies potential business opportunities in these regions.


The global disinfectants market has been growing steadily due to the simple reason that sanitation and hygiene are essential to the well-being of society and periods of recession and economic slowdown do not alter the need for the same. Their role in addressing key social issues related to health and well-being makes the market remain steady irrespective of external factors. Market research reports suggest that the disinfectant market will grow at a rate of about 6 percent per year and will reach USD 14 billion by 2017 (1). Market is growing because of growing awareness of the importance of sanitation/hygiene to personal health and well-being. As disposable income grows, importance attached to personal health/well-being also grows.
Patent research was carried out on disinfectants that are incorporated into consumer products. The consumer products that have been included for this study are hard surface area cleaners in the domestic/household segment such as cleaning products for the floor, bathroom, toilet, kitchen etc., fabric care/textiles, dishwashing detergents and cosmetics (skin care, hair care and make-up formulations).

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