Peumus boldus extract can boost antibacterial peptides and visibly improve skin imperfections

*Corresponding author
BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS, 32 Rue Saint Jean De Dieu, 69366 Lyon, France


Antimicrobial peptides naturally helpepithelial tissues prevent bacterial invasions. hBD3 isan antimicrobial peptide that has a wide bactericidalaction. We have examined the ability of a leaf extractof Peumus boldus to induce hBD3 mRNA expression incultured normal human epidermal keratinocyte withoutincreasing cytokine and chemokine production. Wecould show that Peumus boldus leaf extract signifi cantlyincreased hBD3 mRNA expression and reduced cytokinesynthesis in vitro in cultured keratinocytes. We also carriedout an in vivo study which demonstrated that Peumusboldus leaf extract used in a cosmetic formula at 2 or4 percent could visibly improve skin imperfections suchas complexion evenness, smoothness, oiliness and visiblepore size in subjects with normal and problem skin.