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P&G’s Holistic Approach to Sustainability Innovating and Impacting our Environment through Close Collaborations


Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, USA


Corporate sustainability is more than just having a program to talk about sustainable developments within an organization; it is a central pillar of business, which resonates throughout an organization’s business practices. Procter & Gamble (P&G) has a holistic approach to sustainability, and believes that sustainability challenges can be resolved through innovation. Using a collaborative approach, the company fosters partnerships with global leaders in materials sourcing and R&D to find the best innovative, sustainable solutions.
From breakthroughs in the refining process and eliminating waste at manufacturing facilities, to our commitment to only use confirmed responsible and sustainably-sourced palm oil by 2015 and community programs like the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water program – recipient of the Economist’s 2012 Social Innovation Award, we approach sustainability from a broad spectrum. We understand that in order to be successful and bring value, it is vital to break the boundaries of knowledge sharing and draw from a broad network of internal and external resources.
Through continued partnership and knowledge sharing with industry peers, academic partners and customers, suppliers and distribution network P&G looks forward to overcoming technical challenges and navigate economic forces to make a difference in the global community.


Whether it’s reducing packaging volume, cutting back on raw material, using alternative fuel sources or simply printing fewer emails, companies large and small are doing their part to meet their sustainability goals. For some companies, however, sustainability is more than just a nice program to have; it is a central pillar of business that extends throughout the organization and fosters stronger connections with customers and external partners.
P&G believes that most of the world’s sustainability challenges can be solved through innovation. The approach that we take on sustainability extends beyond our vast internal network and includes partnerships with industry, academia and customers. This holistic approach is a model for our industry to continually challenge ourselves to invest in new processes and applications that might one day revolutionize the way we operate and bring breakthroughs to the world around us.

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