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Phosgene-triphosgene Different approach in risk management?

ISOCHEM, 32 rue Lavoisier, Vert Le Petit, 91710, France


Phosgene and triphosgene are both powerful reagents toaccess to key speciality chemicals. The hazards associatedwith the use of phosgene are well known and documented.However, with effective safety management these reagentsproved to be highly efficient tools. Triphosgene, regardedby many as a “safer” form of phosgene doesn’t takeadvantage from the same risk assessment. When thetoxicity, stability and reactivity data of triphosgene areevaluated and completed by a calorimetric comparisonwith phosgene, the data generated confirms the necessityfor an exhaustive hazard analysis before implementingthe use of triphosgene in any and all chemical processes.A balanced score card approach to risk managementversus phosgene highlights and emphasises that for a safetriphosgene management, the best strategy is to conferthe synthesis to a phosgene expert.


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