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Phytosterols and resveratrol
Fruit compounds and health effects

*Corresponding author
University of Manitoba, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
196, Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, R3T 6C5, Canada


Phytochemicals and nutraceutical products have gained considerable insight for their large number of healthbenefits and for their use in prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases. Plant sterols and resveratrol are such beneficial compounds which are distributed in nature in a wide range of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Both these compoundsreduce the risk of developing several diseases including cardiovascular disease. Anti cancer effects of phytosterols and resveratrol have also been demonstrated by several researchers against various forms of cancer. Although the exact mechanisms are yet to be confirmed, these two compounds appear to have overlapping and distinct mechanisms of action in alleviating several chronic diseases.