Pickering emulsions


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Summertime is the moment when a long year of work and/or of daily routine gives way to days for relax and for storing energies for the months ahead. For me it is a moment of reflection when away from the daily challenges I can analyze and reflect over the wealth of experiences, opinions, information and impressions I came across in the recent past.
When stretching on a sunbed under the protecting shadow of an old plums tree the first thought went to innovation. Regrettably the milk shake I was sipping immediately turned sour and the mind posted a void screen. Nothing worth serious consideration. At least nothing that had reached my attention.

Then I went back to the memories of the past and Pickering emulsions popped-up. This is something that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Walter Ramsden first observed the capabilities of solid particles to form emulsions (Separation of Solids in the Surface-Layer of solutions and Suspensions, W. Ramsden, 1903). Four years later Spencer Pickering described the capability of precipitated particles of basic Copper sulphate to act as emulsifier for droplets of paraffin oil in water (Emulsions, W.U. Pick ...