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PlantLIBRA: PLANT food supplements: Levels of Intake, Benefit and Risk Assessment – The Regulatory Framework for plant food supplements in the EU



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Plants or botanicals are being used in a multitude of products, including foods, food supplements, medicinal products, cosmetics, biocides, etc. All these various product categories have their specific legal framework. It is the manufacturer who decides what legal framework to use depending on the intended use is of the product. Once this choice is made, he is responsible for applying the relevant legal requirements in a correct way.
In the food area, plants are used for seasoning and taste. Plants are also used for their health properties, in particular in herbal teas and food supplements. In medicinal products, plants are used for a therapeutic purpose. It is a general principle in the EU that a plant or botanical can be used both in foods/food supplements and in medicinal products, depending on the purpose (health or therapeutic) and in conformity with the specific rules covering safety.

Prior to 2002, plant food supplements were regulated at national level, either as foodstuffs, as medicinal products or under specific legislation. With the European Food Supplements Directive (Directive 2002/46 ...

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