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Preservatives, a work in progress

“We need an EU and global strategy to mantain and possibly increase  the palette of suitable preservatives for cosmetics”. It seems almost a paradox to read these words today, as most of the references about preservatives are linked to bans and researches showind the possible risks coming from the usage of these kind of ingredients on the cosmetics formulation. Yet, the  words afore mentioned are by Sylvie Cupferman, International Manager of the L’OREAL Microbiology Department and the chair person of the Cosmetics Europe Expert Team "Microbiological Protection of Products", and seem just to echo the thoughts Giacomo Santus shared on his article published in this  very same issue.
If it is surely true that health issues are the most important ones to take care of when it comes to formulating and marketing a product, it is altogether clear that it is their presence, rather than their absence, to offer a protection against bacteria, yeast, moulds, and also to preserve the efficacy of some ingredients by protecting them from the oxidative processes. That’s why we decided to offer our readers an overview of some of the latest developments in the preser ...

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