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Protein concentrates: Are they all the same?



Director of Toxicology, Burdock Group Consultants, Orlando, USA

Those focused on health and fitness, as well as the general consumer, are looking to add more protein to their diet, as current nutritionists suggest that dietary protein benefits health in numerous ways. Added protein in the diet is known to increase skeletal muscle in the elderly (1), which is inversely correlated with falls and bone fractures (2). Increased protein consumption is also believed to increase metabolic rate and increase the release of satiety hormones, potentially leading to decreased storage of calories as fat (3). Many of those consumers looking for additional sources of protein are not satisfied with the conventional sources (e.g., whey, chicken and beef) are turning to plant-based sources. The increased demand for plant-based proteins is clear from a NPD Group survey that found a 24% increase (since 2015) of in-home consumption of plant-based protein products (4). The food industry is responding by developing innovative proteins and innovative processing techniques, but do the novel proteins provide the nutrition as effectively as common sources, or perhaps they’re better?

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