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Psychology of colour in products design for cosmetics


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Colours are associated with emotions or moods and this is no different in the cosmetics industry. The psychology of colour has a long history and its evolution has taken a more scientific approach in recent years with the development of models which can help predict the human emotional response to colours and colour combinations. This article addresses some of the more significant recent developments and how these can be used to create colour originality as a vital element which can beautify cosmetics and also build a unique brand image to gain competitive advantage.


First impressions are everything in modern life today. This is particularly true in the world of colour cosmetics. In a market which is overflowing with innovative products and abounding with choice, there is no room for failure if you want to stay competitive.
Products must appeal to all the senses of sight, touch and smell in order to evoke the emotional responses that inspire consumers to buy. When marketing new products it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance at 93 percent and 85 percent of shoppers place colour as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product.
Research in neuro-marketing has revealed that if a product can trigger the consumer to feel positive at an intuitive level, it can generate unparalleled brand loyalty which is the key to success. The use of colour is a primary response to drive this process through visual impression. Colour increases brand recognition by 80 percent and is directly linked to consumer confidence. It is well known that a women wearing red lipstick can hold the attention of her audience more effectively when giving a speech or presentation.
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