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Rancidity control of nut mixtures using an Electronic Nose

*Corresponding author
Alpha MOS, 20 avenue Didier Daurat, Toulouse, 31400, France


Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats, which are particularly sensitive to lipid oxidation. A Flash GC based ElectronicNose was used to identify the causes of rancidity in nut mixes and to monitor global sensory quality. Five appetizers ofdifferent sensory qualities, all composed of the same nut types, were considered. It was shown that peanuts were the mostcritical ingredients in the development of rancidity off-flavours. Pecans and cashew nuts also presented a relatively highconcentration of off-odours, but, their relatively low proportion in the final mix made them less critical towards rancidity. Asfor Brazil nuts, almonds and hazelnuts, containing lower amounts of volatile compounds, they proved to have a low impacton the overall mix aroma.



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