Re-shoring how much is really possible


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions, USA


There has been much talked about these days regarding reshoring pharmaceutical manufacturing and decreasing dependency on China and India.  The real question should be the ability to accomplish such a goal.   In this article, I wanted to discuss the difficulty in reshoring and the hurdles we will face in bringing this manufacturing back.  I also focused on current programs and solutions do to return manufacturing to the west.

The pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability of the pharmaceutical supply chain.  There has been a lot of talk regarding the reshoring of pharmaceutical production.  It took several events to show the vulnerability of our supply lines.  The question remains, can we return production to the U.S. and Europe. This paper will discuss the issues as well as look at some of the potential solutions.


The pandemic was not the first disruption of medicines. We had warned before confirming that the supply of critical drugs could be quickly disruptive by a host of events. In 2010, ash from an erupting volcano in Iceland forced airport closure in Britain and northern Europe.  Airlines canceled transatlantic flights causing thousands of passengers to be stranded.  Transportation from northern Europe stopped, and any cargo trying to move by air was unable to ship.  The solution was simple, and cargo moved to s ...