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Rootstocks Effects on Cucumber Growth in Different Soilless Medium under Saline Conditions

*Corresponding author
1. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, European University of Lefke, Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey
2. Faculty of Agriculture, Erciyes University, Turkey


This study is the perpetuation of a previously conducted research with the aim of investigating the the effects of four clone rootstocks (Nun9075 F1, RS841 F1, TZ148 F1and Avar F1) and two local squash landraces (Cucurbita moschata L.) on the plant growth and development of Falconstar F1cucumber under greenhouse in spring and summer periods. Results suggested that fertigation with 2.5 dS m-1produced an average yield of 6.9 kg per plant; and the average yield decreased to 2.2 kg and 1.1 kg for the fertigation with 5.0 dS m-1 and 7.5 dS m-1, respectively. However, it was also concluded that, Nun9075, RS841, TZ148 and Local-2 [Cucurbita moschata L. landraces] cultivars are effective in increasing salt tolerance of Falconstar when used as rootstocks at the EC of 5.0 dS m-1.


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is one of the most important vegetable crops in the world. It is produced in both open fields and protected cultivation. The cucumber plant is among the firstly cultivated vegetables in the world which is originated in India and is believed to be produced for more than 5.000 years (Robinson, 1999). Total cucumber production was around 9.5 million tones in 1961 and it reached to around 75 million tones in 2014. Under cover production is an important production practice which makes it possible to produce crops during off-season by controlled environmental conditions (Tüzel et al., 2010). 

Cucumber plant is moderately sensitive to salt stress (Jones et al., 1989) since it can tolerate an EC of about 2.5 dS m-1 where yield decreases by 13% with each unit of EC increase above the threshold value (Ploegman and Bierhuizen, 1970). Grafting onto salt-tolerant rootstock is an effective method for reducing sensitivity and improving crop yield and quality (Santa-Cruz et al., 2002). Therefore, present study aimed to determine the rootstock effects of 4 commercial r ...

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