Shortage reporting & other issues that good data could solve right now


Iperion – a Deloitte business, Barcelona, Spain


Waiting for regulators or software vendors to come up with the definitive rulebook for all future data reporting requirements is a bit like waiting for a tax office request to trigger accounts management. There will always be new compliance goals, but the real opportunity is about making good data work harder – something Life Sciences companies should be doing today. At Amplexor’s (now ArisGlobal) recent BE THE EXPERT 2023 global conference in June, Remco Munnik of Iperion – a Deloitte business, explored the broader process benefits and actionable insights that come within reach as soon as companies embrace the value of structured data in everything they do.

The fact that Life Sciences is now adopting and seeing value in structured data is a huge turning point for the industry, and this acceptance is becoming increasingly palpable. Once companies are able to see beyond the mandatory detail of the regulations that are helping to drive data-oriented process change, their opportunities for transformation of entire functions and their approaches to product tracking and management will broaden and multiply.


Certainly, harnessing structured data and using this for strategic advantage is about so much more than adhering to the specific requirements of IDMP, ePI, CTIS, ESMP, PQ/CMC and associated global implementation projects for their own sake. Access to good-quality data can help to significantly improve internal and external processes - with a view to identifying new market openings, optimizing clinical trials, shortening time to market, eliminating product shortages, and managing labelling changes seamlessly and without fuss.


At a recent conference – Amplexor's (now ArisGlobal) annual global BE THE EXPERT forum, in June, in Split, Croatia – participants were more acutely aware and enthu ...