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SK Biotek – SK announces opening of their new, state-of-the-art API manufacturing facility


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SK biotek has announced the opening of their new, state-of-the art API manufacturing plant. The plant in Sejong, Korea, is located within the Myeonghak Industrial Complex, and is within 30km of SK biotek’s headquarters and current manufacturing site in Daejeon. This ideal location benefits from an experienced local labor force, in a business-friendly environment.

The newly completed plant is the first planned module of a series of planned expansions by SK biotek over the next several years, in order to accommodate both growth and meet the needs of SK biotek’s growing customer base.  “This new expansion is a testament of SK biotek’s dedication to its customers. They expressed a need for higher capacities and more aggressive timelines, and SK biotek carried out the investment to satisfy these requests also we realize growing dem ...

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