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Smoothing market entry
Current expectations and concerns

Regulatory Adviser
EAS – Brussels
50 Rue de l’Association
Brussels, 1000, Belgium


Harmonisation of legislations is an ongoing process in the EU. In the area of food and nutrition, changes to facilitate market entry are expected through the establishment of vitamin and mineral maximum levels – which will be valid across the EUand based on scientific risk assessment. Not immediately foreseen is harmonisation of the use of herbal and other substances.Tools like mutual recognition therefore play an important role, on top of other EU legislation likely to smoothen market access. Aless positive element in terms of harmonisation is the Regulation on nutrition and health claims made on foods. Though the finaloutcome is still unclear, it is a topic of intense discussion that obviously affects food businesses, in terms of communication and byfor example limiting the use of specific ingredients since commercially no longer attractive without claim.


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