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Soybean and gluten in meat products Consumer protection strategy



*Corresponding author

1. Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Belgrade, Kacanskog 13, Serbia

2. Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad, Dositeja Obradovica 3, Serbia


Food allergens have become increasingly important to food processors because they can represent a serious health hazard to consumers. This work gives an overview of the analysis of meat products from retail shops for the presence of soybean and gluten, by using an ELISA method, not only because of the product quality and authenticity but also in order to protect the health of consumers. According to the results, the control is necessary, because in 29.6% cases the presence of these allergens was identified in meat products but not indicated in their declarations, what poses a high risk for consumers.

Statistics in developed countries clearly shows nowadays that even 20% of people suffer from a certain type of food
sensitivity, and reactions to harmful effects of food and its ingredients on human health can be divided into those which have an impact on all consumers of food and those which cause reaction in a small number of sensitized persons (1). Reactions to foodstuffs which contain chemical or microbiological contaminants or pharmacologically active substances are provoked in all individuals who consume such foodstuffs in sufficiently big quantities. Reactions provoked only in sensitized individuals, who make a small proportion of the population, can be divided into reactions of psychological intolerance (aversion, etc.) and reactions of true physiological hypersensitivity to certain foodstuffs or food ingredients (2,3). The prevalence of food allergy has been estimated to be approximately 3-4% in adults and 5% in young children in westernized countries. Because of the complexity of the issue, nowadays the manufacturers of foodstuffs are obligated to properly indicate possible presence of potential allergens, ...

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