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Speci’Men – The first natural agent made specifically for men’s skin
Enabling healthy, more toned skin for men

BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS, 3, Rue de Seichamps, 54425 Pulnoy, France


BASF Beauty Creations’ new anti-ageing agent Speci’Men™ has been developed specifically to meet men’s skincare needs. This 100% natural, ECOCERT and COSMOS-approved Baobab leaf extract inhibits the age-related accumulation of degraded, non-functional versican fragments in the dermis, which plays a crucial role in the ageing of men’s skin. Now, men have a trusted ally to help them achieve healthy, more toned skin – with Speci’Men’s efficacy demonstrated across various in-vitro and in-vivo studies and the visible effects confirmed through self-assessment and by volunteers’ partners.

Men don’t get older. With every passing year, their faces become more interesting, with features such as expression lines becoming more pronounced. Maybe that’s one of the reasons men don’t use face creams or anti-ageing products, or simply borrow their wives or girlfriends’ products – until lately that is.

The Western cliché that suggests applying face creams is something only women do is becoming outdated: For some years now, increasing numbers of men around the world have started to pay more attention to skincare and have tapped into the ever-growing range of products that help combat signs of fatigue, stress, and ageing. According to Mintel, over 24% of men in the United States are concerned about ageing skin, while more than 25% of men in Brazil are (Mintel News of October 8, 2015). And it’s no wonder. Why would modern men who longboard, mountain bike, and wear trendy clothes not want to enjoy youthful, healthy, more toned skin that complements their lifestyle?


Looking at the new product lines designed for men, one question comes to mind – is men’s skin really different to wom ...

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