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Sustainability takes root



& Gamble, Belgium.

of Household and Personal Care Today’s, Scientific Advisory Board

The journey towards sustainable cleaning is long and paved with challenges, but are we making progress?
Well, it is reassuring to look around and see the ample signs of progress.

Sustainability principles and procedures are becoming systemic in the supplying and producing industry.
Simply take a look at the numerous publications and events where suppliers and producers share their latest innovations, product and market case studies. You will for example find a report in this HPC magazine on the successful ‘Household Sustainability Summit’ (Copenhagen, December 2013), where Novozymes brought together key partners from the entire value chain. In 2014, the industry will continue to meet to bring sustainability to the next level, such as at the ‘Cleaning Products Europe’ event in March 2014 (Manchester) and the ‘World Conference on Fabric and Home Care’, organized by AOCS in October 2014 (Montreux).
Very reassuring is the convergence of sustainability goals, principles and approaches. These shared visions and goals will help to improve consumers’ lives and will help ...

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