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by Giulio Fezzardini, H&PC Today (TKS Publisher)

Every time we go back to deal with sustainability, someone usually objects that we've heard enough about it, that it's time to move on and change the subject. Well, I respond we've heard too little about it, that we should say more, much more.
It's December where I live, in Northern Italy, and the average temperature so far this winter has been 17°C. Can you believe that? Not exactly a white Christmas! What's going on? We've just published an article on the huge islands of floating garbage polluting the oceans. Diseases caused by improper exposure to sunlight and tanning lamps are steadily on the rise. The food we eat is increasingly contaminated by all sorts of chemicals that we selfishly dump into nature and which eventually come back to us inside what we eat. We're wasting the natural resources of our planet, to an extent rapidly approaching a point of no return that might lead to the very collapse of the world as we know it. And we shouldn't be speaking of sustainability? The little things that everyone of us can do every day to help to make the world a better place? The list ...

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