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Sweet new world: Innovative flavouring solutions and consumer perceptions


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Globally naturalness, health messaging, flavourings with benefits, childhood memories and nostalgia are key consumer requirements in the sugar confectionary market (1). Innovative flavour solutions are supporting these trends. Especially flavour solutions with taste sensation benefits like warming, cooling, mouth-watering are providing innovative product solutions and are contributing to fulfil consumers demands. But what is the consumer perception with regard to current in-market products?


Traditional factors such as consumer demand for indulgence are driving the confectionary market. Consumer preferences in mature markets are changing to health, ethical and sustainability concerns, novel flavour combinations, natural ingredients, functional ingredients, green packaging (2) and longing for innovative taste solutions.
Among all new product launches in confectionary within the period during 2007-2010 only 1 % of the products are evaluated as truly novel. The most relevant type of innovation for 75 % of new product launches was based on the formulation and flavourings (2) - the so called concept innovation/line extensions.
Classical flavourings are well-known with taste directions like fruity, brown (caramel, vanilla, cream, butter) or herbal notes. Besides these traditional flavours new trends are based on sensational effects for unexpected taste perceptions. Over a period of time empiric experience was adopted in sweet applications, like chilli for a “hot” sensory perception.
Increasing scientific research in the last decade is supporting the understanding of these processes. The high importance in t ...

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