The consumer experience



Michelle Niedziela
Scientific Director of HCD Research, Flemington, USA

Consumer scientists, market researchers and product developers have focused much attention on consumer touchpoints, the critical moments when consumers interact with the brand or product before and after purchase. These touchpoints are communication opportunities between the brand and the consumer, where the brand can potentially maximize consumer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

Consumer experience is a complex and multi-faceted integration of physical, emotional, and often, psychological processes that make up the consumer-brand encounter. Perception and interaction are the two essential elements of any consumer experience definition. Perception is guided by emotional and psychological responses to stimuli presented during the interaction between the consumer, the brand, the product, and the immediate environment whether it be in a store or online. The physical aspect of any encounter addresses the elements of value (physical properties of the product), product availability, functionality, and quality.

The communication opportunities between the consumer and brand are not limited to marketing messages or (literal) communications. ...