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The discovery of the great garbage patch, the largest dump site on the planet


University of Bari, Ionic Department in Legal and Economic System of Mediterranean Society, Environment, Culture, via Duomo 259, 74123 Taranto, Italy

Source: “Come è profondo il mare” published by Chiarelettere 2014

I met Charles Moore, the man that first came upon the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in a London pub. This is the account of the first man who entered the “continent of plastic”.

Captain Moore jumps up from the table we were sitting at, fetches a white paper napkin from the bar counter and rapidly draws a sketch of the northern Pacific ocean (I still keep it as a relic and I have it with me as I write) as if he was jotting down some sort of treasure map: California’s coastline, Hawaii further south and the route his boat, Alguita, had taken. He circles a large area in the centre of the map and marks it with a big letter H to indicate the high pressure zone: “This is the gathering point, where the patch is” he whispers, as if he was revealing some sort of secret to me. […]

The day that was dawning was gray, with low black clouds reflected by a still, flat ocean surface that resembled melted lead. Suddenly, something starts to repeatedly bump against the Alguita’s hull. Captain Moore wakes up startled and, h ...

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