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The new “natural, green, clean and sustainable” must-have in cosmetics: easier said than done!

Founder & C.E.O., Alban Muller International


Buzzwords like clean, green, and conscious beauty are being used lavishly. Let’s not get carried away only by words, as truly addressing consumers demand requires a precise review of the cosmetic product itself, formula and packaging, but also sourcing and manufacturing practices. 

The right approach to succeed follows the eco-conception path: how to get a desirable formulation without any of the “no-nos” but still ticking the “natural, organic, ethical, sustainable, C.S.R., full transparency compliant” boxes? However, sustainability is not only about the cosmetic product, it is also about the factory and the people in and around it. So, the next round of questions is about the way the factory is managed and its impacts on the environment, as well as social responsibility.

With the Covid pandemic all around the world, consumers all over the globe share new concerns about their safety and well-being, which impacts the traditional ways cosmetics were formulated and advertised as well as including environmental and social considerations. Of course, because new “gimmicky words” appear (such as “green and clean”, sustainable, ethical, conscious…), there is a temptation to use them lavishly. But the next requirement is transparency which means “show me the proof”. So, let us not be carried away by words only and let’s try to sort out these new concepts to see what needs to stay behind so that you can claim without making a fool of yourself on the Internet ….

To address consumers concerns and deliver optimal marketing success, the product itself but also manufacturing practices must be reviewed precisely.




The first step concerns the easiest in cosmetic product formulation: which ingredients not to use?


“Risky” and non-desired ingredients

The first concern was about the so ...

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