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The professional cleaning and hygiene sector of the detergents and maintenance products industry – A key contributor to public health, hygiene and wellbeing


A.I.S.E., Belgium


A.I.S.E. is the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products and is based in Brussels. A.I.S.E. represents the companies supplying both household and professional cleaning products and services across Europe. 

This article will provide an overview on the professional cleaning and hygiene sector, its importance, economic strength and professional specificities. A summary of the internal organisation, priority topics and activities will also be provided.


The professional cleaning and hygiene (PC&H) sector of A.I.S.E., previously known as ‘industrial & institutional’, is crucial for ensuring clean and hygienic public spaces.  When in a school, station, hotel, restaurant or airport, we all like them to be clean and even hygienic. We also need that the industrial processes (e.g. food and beverage production) follow the highest hygiene standards, to ensure safe products. 

In hospitals, hygiene is of utmost importance and contact with serious and potentially fatal infection agents needs to be avoided or even eliminated.



It is often the case that the benefits of this sector are not realised until something goes wrong, such as an unhygienic waiting room in a public service, dirty dishes in a restauran ... ...

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