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The young(er) and the restless – An ageing population needs education across a timeline divide


REJIMUS, Santa Ana, California, USA


The nutritional importance of food in today’s population differs dependent upon their position along the ageing continuum.
A divide exists along this time continuum. On one side is the population whose nutritional needs are for the potential to age better. On the other side are those that have already arrived at “ageing”. They are looking to maintain what they have, at least, and improve to the greatest extent possible. The common element is the need to inform and educate all of the population to the benefits in the food choices made and the opportunities for benefit from supplemental nutrition. Advancements in science increase the challenge of delivering the right messages to both populations. Tailoring the messages for these divided groups is the first recognition that must occur and then working within the confines of the regulations to deliver the message may begin.

The popular discussions in nearly every circle include the topic of ageing to some degree or another. The inevitability of the process renders the topic an eventuality but in today’s world the topic is experienced from very different perspectives depending on where the individual is on the continuum of age. The divide that exists is not a single point along this line of time, but it is real, and recognition of the resultant separation of the market needs special recognition. This discussion is one part of many challenges faced in delivering food into the future for the population that is ageing. There are more challenges to be sure, but within the market there are different needs categories and thus, shifts in the market that can and should be anticipated.


As we age, we move along this continuum and at one vague point our lives we tend to transition our needs/desires from food with the primary regard of simply surviving (hopefully) to that of our health, quality of life, and even certain life experiences in and of themselves. On the ageing side of the divide like myself, people have been aware of the need to improve their diets in general and incorporate ...

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