Theresa Callaghan, CEO & Owner – Callaghan Consulting International

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Theresa Callaghan PhD is a Biochemist graduated from the University of Bath with a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Pasteur Institute in France, she collaborated on LVMH's Capture project, and subsequently moved into corporate skin care research, working in the personal care industry for more than 35 years for a number of major international companies. Remaining in Germany, in 2008 she started her own consulting company (Callaghan Consulting International), working with both ingredient suppliers and brands, anticipating a need for more discipline in cosmetic claims development. Theresa is very widely published, gives regular workshops and presentations internationally, is a major contributor for peer-reviewed and trade journals, as well as authoring on behalf of clients internationally. Theresa serves on the advisory board of TKS Science Publisher; provides regular Claims Insight columns for EuroCosmetics Magazine; and is a ... ...