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Thermodynamic Power
Superior Reactor Temperature Control Equipment


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The PRESTO® family continues to grow. JULABO presents the highly dynamic temperature control systems PRESTO® A80, W80, A80t and W80t
The new PRESTO® A80, W80, A80t and W80t by JULABO combine high efficiency with unequaled power to be used in a wide variety of applications such as reactor temperature control or material stress tests or temperature simulations in laboratories and industrial plants.
The instruments are robust and reliable with working temperature ranges expanding from -80°C to +250°C, cooling capacity of 1.2 kW, and resistance to high room temperatures up to +40°C. The instruments A80 and W80 have a heating capacity of 1.8 kW while A80t and W80t have almost double heating capacity (3.4 kW). Powerful, maintenance-free pumps guarantee high flow rates up to 40 l/min with constant pressure up to 1.7 and dynamically balanced viscosity changes of the bath fluid. Pump capacity is adjustable either via four sta ... ...