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Transforming textures: the NEW sensory delight!


Belinda Carli
Director, Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS), Australia



With an increasing emphasis on the sensory aspects of a formulation, now more than ever you need to impress your consumer from the very first touch of your product! This article will take a look at some of the most popular trends in new textures, the formulating techniques that enable inspiring sensory experiences and the materials used to create them.


As if by magic, products can now be ‘activated’ and transform with the addition of water. Enticing for the consumer, it provides outstanding visual elements in advertising when a product can ‘transform’ encouraging them to purchase and unleash the full potential of the product at home. The transformation of these products also gives an impression of highly potent activity – when a product changes its form, it gives the perception that it is transforming the skin as well; not to mention they give the skin a sensory delight. One of the key features of a ‘just add water’ product is they are typically water free in their raw form, reducing or alleviating the need for preservation, making them even more attractive to consumers! Key ‘just add water’ concepts include:

  • Powder-to-foam: these products start as powder in a jar or shaker. A small amount is put into the palm or on the fingertips, water is added and then product is applied to the skin. The powder-to-foam concept suits cleansing products that need to be perceived as ‘concentrated’ or highly active; so it suits produ ...
  • ...

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