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Transparency and naturality: keys to satisfy today’s consumer


Inolex, Pennsylvania, USA


Natural cosmetics is a major trend in this industry that is only continuing to grow. Addressing the consumers’ call for more natural products can mean many different things: clean, vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free, organic etc. With many new demands from consumers, it can be difficult for a brand to focus on the claims their customers want to see on product labels and in product marketing. This challenge should be met with a strong sense of branding and a specific strategy for how to support claims with evidence. Third party natural certifications are a good way to provide specific and validated claims regarding the naturality or sustainability of a product to align with the brand’s message.

Serving a Sophisticated Consumer

The average consumer is becoming more knowledgeable and more demanding about the products they buy, what goes into them, how they are packaged, and how they are marketed.

This is seen throughout many industries besides beauty, including food and even clothing. In order to service this sophisticated consumer, a brand must be transparent regarding the business practices of the company. One brand, pioneering corporate transparency is a clothing line called Everlane. Their tagline, “Radical Transparency”, is demonstrated throughout their entire supply chain and through on how they determine their prices. The company gives insight to their recycled fabrics and the Corporate Social Responsibility of each of their factories.

To understand brand transparency, it is important to understand the consumer that makes a brand like this so successful. Consumers are inundated with information about the ways they are supposed to be more responsible citizens and keep themselves and their families heathy. This pressure comes from social media, blogs, celebrity influences and more. This influences people’s own values an ...

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