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Trends in tanning



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To tan or not to tan? Or rather how? There is no question that it is still desirable to be bronzed and, if honest, many of us would agree that we feel better with a tan. But how should we obtain that golden glow? Most of us have had it drummed into us, and have taken on board, that baking ourselves in the sun is dangerous but we still want that “healthy” tan.
One only has to Google the word tanning to find all sorts of surprising and often scary results – tanorexics, tanning pills, tanning injections anyone? It seems that some people will go to any lengths.
Websites like PaleIsTheNewTan.com entertain with some shocking tans and make you wonder if everyone is aware of the dangers of sun exposure. Indeed, on most high streets you will still see a tanning shop.

The benefits of a self-tan can be enjoyed by those with either black or white skin and any tone in-between. Those with black skin may opt for a self-tan to disguise an uneven skin tone and other imperfections as well as to achieve a deeper skin tone, particularly on lighter black skin. Those with white skin also enjoy these benefits and can re-cre ...