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Trends that fuel the market for functional active ingredients in personal care


Factor-Kline, São Paulo, Brasil


New extraction technologies and new claims (anti-pollution, blue and infrared light pollution) are among the recent technological advances that will boost the personal care ingredients market. The expectation about the effectiveness of the products has grown since consumers opt for natural or natural products, especially those in the anti-aging segment. Among the main barriers to market growth is the sustainability of raw materials, increased costs of in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical tests, as well as stringent standards related to claims for a particular activity.

The time when active ingredients were only used in premium products is in the past. Nowadays they are key cosmetic ingredients for most manufacturers. According to Kline’s market research “Specialty Actives in Personal Care: Multi-regional Market Analysis and Opportunities”, the market for active personal care ingredients is estimated at USD 1.1 billion in 2016. Although the market has grown significantly in the last decade, it is still a prominent segment with an annual growth rate of over 6% over the next five years. While market growth is evident, it is of the utmost importance to understand the forces that motivate and boost the growth of the industry.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for solutions to new skin problems - one example being the damage caused by blue light emitted by electronic devices and infrared radiation. To meet this demand, ingredients manufacturers have developed advanced product technologies such as probiotics, stem cell-derived assets as well as the encapsulation of different ingredients.  This allows the combination of non-compatible ingredients, making it easy to formulate and increase the effectiveness of final ...

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