Vibrational Cosmetics: Elemental Science and the “Alchemy of Skin”


Medical Director BE MIND BODY SKIN


Ancient traditions and Occult sciences have discussed the elements of earth, water, fire, air as well as the fifth element of ether to be a fundamental fabric on which our tangible reality exists. This article will focus on how these elements and their functions can be understood in a western perspective within the body physiology. We will dive into how modern energy-based light and laser devices and cosmetic formulations for skin rejuvenation can be seen in a new light based on elemental alchemy.


From the introductory article in the last issue on quantum particles, biofield and physics of life, we move into more denser concepts of formed tangible reality ie- matter.


The ancient seers asserted that only substance or matter can produce an effect on the five senses. If you can experience something, then this experience occurs because you have come in contact with substance or matter. These seers conceived of substance or matter as having five forms. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether.  Today we say these are the continuum between energy and mass. Ultimately everything is a form of energy; conversely, all states of mass have some form of energy. This plays into Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 that mass and energy is interchangeable.


In ancient traditions of both western occultism and eastern Ayurveda, the elemental science takes center stage. Alchemy (al- Khemia knowledge from the land of Khem, ancient Egypt), The Alchemists as the early scientist and doctors, in search of elixirs to promote healing. They use the knowledge of elements in developing techniques ...