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The ingredient list, or INCI list, can be a real goldmine for those skilled in the art: understanding what other Formulators use when developing a cosmetic product is an interesting part of our job. It is educational as well as insightful.

Launched in April 2015 in France, Bi-Sérum Fusion d’Hydratation (Moisture Fusion Bi-Serum) is claimed to act in perfect synergy with the skin to boost natural hydration and balance the skin with water.
This product is based on a bi-phase formula, i.e. the water and the oil phases are not emulsified.
Emollients are chosen in order to impart a light and rather dry skin feel, namely Isohexadecane, Dimethicone, Dicaprylyl Carbonate and Octyldodecyl Lactate.
Isohexadecane is a branched chain aliphatic hydrocarbon with 16 carbons.
With an interfacial tension against water of approximately 28.6 nN/m it can be classified as highly non-polar.
It delivers a mat finish and is non-comedogenic and non-irritating.
Dicaprylyl Carbonate is the diester of carbonic acid and caprylyl alcohol.
It is a light emo ...

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