What’s the real impact of indie beauty on the cosmetic industry?


Element 44 Inc, Chicago, USA

If you’re paying any attention to the cosmetic industry, you have undoubtedly seen numerous articles about the huge impact independent beauty brands, commonly called Indie Beauty, are having on the cosmetic industry. There is talk of how these brands are making the industry safer, with a focus on clean formulations, and more transparent with a willingness to share more information about their products and process. Overall, if you search for innovation in the cosmetic industry, indie beauty is where you go. But you might be wondering, what impact is it really having?


According to Kline & Company, indie beauty brands collectively account for about 12% of total market sales. This number has been growing steadily in recent years and research firms suggest that it is due to a variety of factors including:


  • Consumers who are more interested in natural and sustainable beauty products
  • Creativity and innovation of Indie brands
  • Personalization of products and the shopping experience.


In truth, these numbers are reminiscent of the Male groomi ...