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Who are we?


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Who are we?

WHEATOLEO is a French company that develops innovative green surfactants for the detergent, industrial, and plant protection markets. Ethical and responsible, it offers alternative, 100 % bio-based solutions to meet the current demands of its international customers. Wheatoleo was born in 2010, and soon could become the biggest producer of APPs (Alkyl Poly Pentosides), non-ionic and renewable bio-based surfactants. Since 2012, Wheatoleo proposed also the first industrial sophorolipid (Brand named Sophoclean), a biosurfactant for household and I&I application.

WHEATOLEO: Active synergies for innovation
WHEATOLEO works under the concept of the Biorefinery, through the valorisation of the whole plant. With innovative processes WHEATOLEO can use pentoses, which are sugars that are not used in food. Pentoses are ex ...

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