Yes, and… more than just powder


1. VP of Research & Innovation, HCD Research
2. Manager of Behavior & Marketing Science, HCD Research


Makeup is constantly being rebranded to meet the changing demands of the market. As technology, ingredients, and consumer interests shift, beauty brands work to fill voids in the market (potentially even overpromising benefits). Consumer expectations for their products have increase, expecting more benefits from their consumer products. Cosmetic brands are taking note and trying to accommodate by mixing and matching multiple benefits into a singular product. Tracking what qualities are most important to consumers can help brands foster a stronger connection with consumers and ultimately create a better product.

Consumers today require more from their products than they ever did before. There is no longer health food, only healthier food. For example, pasta can’t just be pasta, now it must be veggie pasta or pasta + protein. Regular eggs won’t do no matter how you cook them, now they must also be organic… and free range. This is perhaps even more true for cosmetics. Facial powders can no longer just provide coverage but must also provide nourishment or sun protection. And cosmetics brands are all racing to meet these needs.


Recent innovations in makeup technology mean more brands are coming out with new powder products that make good on some big promises, such as not settling into fine lines, not making a mess, and even giving consumers better skin over time. And with the growing popularity of natural beauty skin care products, it’s never been easier to find powders that are good for you, safe for the earth, and are sustainably sourced and packaged.



Cosmetic products, like facial powders, can be an extremely personal experience, representing a part of the consumer identity shown to the wor ...