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Zach System SpA – Tailor made chemistry – The art of development in APIs manufacture



Zach Zambon Chemicals, Via Lillo Del Duca 10, Bresso (MI), 20091, Italy

Zach System SpA is a leading Italian fine chemical company dedicated not only to providing its customers with fast, cost effective and good quality synthesis services but also supporting them with extensive process development expertise. As a subsidiary of the holding company Zambon Company SpA, Zach System is involved in research & development, manufacturing and marketing of APIs and intermediates for the Custom Synthesis, Contract Manufacturing and Generic Market.
Zach System SpA counts for about 450 employees divided between the headquarters located in Milan suburbs (Italy) and the R&D & production facilities based in North East of Italy (Lonigo) and North West of France (Avrillé).
With the total capacity of around 1000 m3 Zach is one of the biggest producers of APIs and Pharma intermediates in Europe.
Both plants are working according to the cGMP from kilolab and pilot up to industrial scale. All sites are approved by FDA and Local/Foreign Authorities.
We also have the opportunity to produce for the generic market in India through a strategic cooperation with an Indian company.
Zach commitment is to be a preferr ...