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Zach System – Zambon Group
Innovation from Tradition


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Innovative chemistry and processes have their roots in a longstanding history and experience in fine and pharmaceutical chemistry. Zambon was founded in 1906 in Vicenza as a supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations. As a logical integration, Zambon started to make APIs already in the early 1930’s. In 1973 the site in Lonigo was built and went on stream. In those years, many inventive processes and methods were developed, some of them are still today valid and used. From January 2007, the chemical business has been organized as a standalone company, Zach System. From this period, the French site, located in Avrillé near Nantes, in the famous Val de Loire with its splendid castles and wines, the former Sipsy plant, was acquired. Today, Zach France is an integrated part of Zach’s operations with particular technological tools and technologies.

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