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Arthur Ouwehand

Arthur Ouwehand Personal Image

DuPont Nutrition and Health

Arthur Ouwehand was graduated to be teacher in biology and chemistry in 1987.
He subsequently did his masters in biology at Wageningen University; specialising in microbiology and biochemistry (1992).
Arthur did his PhD in microbiology at Göteborg University where he worked on interactions between dairy proteins and probiotics and pathogenic E. coli (1996).
At the University of Turku he did his post-doc continuing to work on probiotic adhesion and working on other functional aspects of probiotics and the intestinal microbiota.
Since 2004, Arthur has been working for Danisco as group manager within the Health and Nutrition team in Kantivk (Finland); working on the health aspects of probiotics and prebiotics, and the composition and activity of the intestinal microbiota.
He remains, however, associate professor at the University of Turku for the Functional Foods Forum.

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