By CoperNick

Hi! I’m Nick and I’m the mascot of the CoperNick group.

You are probably asking yourself, “What is CoperNick?”

I’m here to answer your question.

CoperNick is a team of young Italian undergraduates and graduates. My team believes that scientific knowledge should not be limited to insiders only, so we strive to make Science more accessible and easier to understand for everyone.

As you might have guessed, my name was inspired by the revolutionary scientist Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the fathers of the heliocentric solar system. Copernicus was not only an astronomer, but also a mathematician, physician, classics scholar, translator, governor, diplomat, and economist. The CoperNick team can rely on an interdisciplinary combination of educational backgrounds and interests (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Law), so each of us can make his or her unique contribution to the attainment of our goal. As teammates, we also push each other to define the team’s culture and we approach issues from different perspectives to find solutions together. Personal initiative and teamwork are equally important and emphasised in this horizontal leadership model.

Now that I have introduced my team, I should say a bit more about myself. Unlike Copernicus, I’m not an unapproachable old man with a weird haircut. I am a curious and friendly young scientist with a weird haircut. I can relate to young students who are starting to show a real interest in Science and I want to encourage them by tackling difficult concepts and by talking about the latest discoveries.

I hope this column will become a place to inspire and exchange ideas with them!

Have I caught your interest yet?

Let me tell you more about the team members:

  • Renato Cortesini studies Economics & Government at Harvard College. He is our founder.
  • Andrea Furlan studies Computer Engineering and is our go-to computer whiz.
  • Alice Gaggero is one of the youngest in the team, but she’s already studying Maths at University.
  • Sofia Mao is a Medicine student. Together with Alice, she likes to dabble in PR with exciting scientific journals such as the ones published by TKS Publisher.
  • Andrea Nuzzo is the founder of the Facebook page “Sii come Bill”. I can’t wait to work with my dear friend Bill, come and see us on his page!
  • Valerio Pagliarino is still in high school but he has already won some prestigious awards, such as EUCYS 2016 and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017.
  • Benedetta Spadaro attends Biological Natural Science at the University of Cambridge.
  • Alessandro Santoni has already graduated and he is completing his master’s degree in Theoretical Physics.
  • Francesca Pagano is studying English Literature at the University of Cambridge. She is our editor!
  • Francesco Neri is a Law student at the Bocconi University in Milan. He takes care of our Public Affairs and makes sure that CoperNick always keeps up with the contemporary world. 
  • Angela Pastore attends the LUISS School of Law and is actively involved in social causes, having recently been elected president of her local Rotaract Club.
  • Martina Pellegrini is graduating in Communication, Media and Advertising at IULM University. She is our communication specialist!
  • Micol Curatolo is an Art History student at the University of East Anglia. She will bring a bit of humanities into our team!
  • Nick: that’s me!

Are you a bit curious now?


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