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APIS (19)

Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

Picking the perfect API partner post pandemic

API manufacturing and environmental sustainability

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in China: Approval process, timelines, practice points

European APIs producers: key role in the future scenario of health system

An executive order for US API and drug supply chains: Examining white house policy recommendations

A guide to solubility improvement and bioavailability enhancement techniques

Supply chain security in an insecure world: why drug developers are partnering with a new breed of API sourcing experts

Five issues to consider in API sourcing before they become a problem

Manufacturing technologies and their part to achieve future pharmaceutical sales

Co-crystalsand their advantagesfor APIs with challenging properties

Falsified APIs
Are we solving the problems?

Olefin metathesis: a versatile synthetic tool for use in preparation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Myths, legends and the demise of small molecule APIs

Micro- and nanoformulation of APIs using CO2 expanded solvents

Polymorphic conversion monitoring using real-time Raman spectroscopy 

Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – The border between a real quality issue and an effective patent tool

Review/Preview: Prodrug Ionic Liquids – Combining the Prodrug and Ionic Liquid Strategies to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Conflicts and opportunities in the Life of APIs

Chemical process vs. patents
Changing trends in process R&D of API’s
in generic pharma industries

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Household and Personal Care Today

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Pharma Horizon

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