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Synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers of tetracyclines
Solid-phase extraction for the analysis of tetracyclines in animal food

Influence of glass on the evaporation rate of wines How the glass shape can influence the evaporation rate of wines? A mathematical model

The big issue is food structure – The more foods are ultra-processed, the less satiating and hypoglycemic they tend to be

Effect of sulfur fumigation on the nutritional quality of dry lily (Lilium davidii Duch) bulb

Proximate and mineral composition and cadmium content of main anatomical parts and offal from semi-outdoor reared Black Slavonian pigs

Mass transfer kinetics and battered texture qualities of fried pork slices under short-term storage

Salvia jurisicii Košanin and Salvia amplexicaulis Lam.
Chemical composition of the essential oils

Sensory and physico-chemical evaluation of commercial coffees consumed in BanjaLuka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Part 2*

Sensory andphysico-chemical evaluation of commercial coffees consumed in Banja Luka(Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Part 1

Flavonoids in mulberry fruit Identification of nonanthocyanin phenolics in some mulberry fruit species (Morus alba L., Morus rubra L. and Morus nigra L.)

1H-NMR spectra – a highly sensitive tool in the analysis of Grana Parmigiano-Reggiano type hard cheese

Stability of olive oils during storage in the presence of Thymbra capitata essential oil
Stability of olive oils

Determination of monomeric anthocyanins in red wines based on their degradation with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of Cu(II)

Detection of DNA sequences originating from GMOs in milk and dairy products commercially available in Greece

Organic Power Packs
Fast analysis of vitamins
in dietary supplements using LCMS

Rapid authentication of white wines
Part 2: Classification by grape variety

Rapid authentication of white wines.
Part 1: Classification by designation of origin

Hyperspectral imaging in plant based food safety
Possibility of hyperspectral imaging application in safety control of plant based food that is converted to by-products and used as feed

Determination of acrylamide in foods
by standard gas chromatography-mass selective detection

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in edible oils: 
analysis by molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction with HPLC-FLD

Benefits and challenges in applying Raman spectroscopy as a non-destructive tool in the analysis of food quality

Nutritive aspects of fermented dairy products obtained by kombucha application
Protein profile in fermanted dairy products

Composition and antimicrobial activity of some essentialoils from Serbia

Successful sugar identification with ATR-FTIR

LC-MS/MS analysis of emerging food contaminants – quantitation andidentification of dicyandiamide in milk and other protein-rich foods

The probability of obtaining a correct and representative result inallergen analysis

An IR spectroscopic investigation of tarhana

Determination of synthetic food colourant in tea drink by absorptionspectrophotometry

Elemental analysis of Chinese edible nuts by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Effect of buffalo breeds on rheological and textural properties of acid milk gel

Assessment of enzymatic changes in some legume seeds during germination

Effect of plant maturity on leaf growth, yield and physicochemical properties of aloe vera gel

ICP-MS analysis for the characterization of the origins of wines

Chemical composition of the essential oils of Salvia austriaca Jacq. and Salvia amplexicaulis Lam. from Serbia

Chemical composition of Dictamnus albus L. essential oil from Serbia

Determination of metals as markers of oilContamination in seafood by ICP-MS

Gas chromatography with capillary flow technology – An effective analytical method for detecting pesticide residues in olive oil

Alkaline phosphatase in cow and non-cow milk and cheese – Determination of enzyme activity as an indicator for the completeness of the pasteurisation process

Investigation of the Marula fruit ripening process Correlation between quality aspects and local knowledge of Marula fruit

Profiling scotch malt whisky spirits using HERACLES electronic nose and an expert sensory panel

Pesticide analysis in juice – Why one technique doesn’t suit all

Evaluation of nutritional quality of a novel pea protein

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There are no posts with FOOD ANALYSIS topic in this journal... yet.

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There are no posts with FOOD ANALYSIS topic in this journal... yet.