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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

Fast Flow peptide synthesis – The route to difficult peptides and scale up

Oligonucleotides: Right Place, Right time, Right future

Synthetic Chemistry in Nucleic Acid Drugs Recent progress in bridged nucleic acids (BNA)

Oligonucleotide therapeutics. A long and windy road towards future medicines

Peptide Therapeutics 5.0 – Why the significance of peptide-based drugs will grow with the digital shift in drug development and what we must do to unfold this potential

Efficient and Sustainable Solutions for Large Scale Peptide Manufacturing

Easy access to purified complex peptides on larger scales with the Peptide Easy Clean Technology – A liraglutide case study

Downstream Processes for Peptide Manufacturing: optimization strategy and latest technical trends

Alternative strategies which help improve sustainability and “green” peptide manufacturing

Transforming oligonucleotide manufacturing

CMC: Regulatory overview for Oligonucleotide drug substances

The impact of European pharmacopeia regulations for peptides during the change of manufacturer at late phase

Green circular economy applied to peptide synthesis

Peptide chemistry: in-silico development tools for an efficient process design

Analytical methodologies to assure successful peptide synthesis when utilizing polystyrene/DVB resins

Solid-phase peptide synthesis: recent advances through adoption of continuous flow

Peptide manufacturing scale-up: an emerging biotech prospective

Combining solid phase synthesis and chromatographic purification for efficient peptide manufacture

Pharmaceutical green chemistry in peptide synthesis – A snapshot on the role of solvents in SPPS

Next-generation antisense oligonucleotide delivery approaches

Antisense oligonucleotide-mediated DNM2 targeting in centronuclear myopathies – From preclinical proof of concept towards clinical trials

The DNA-Based Drug BC 007 neutralizes agonistically acting autoantibodies directed against G protein–coupled receptors – Successful mode of action demonstrated in clinical phase 1 trial

Technical and regulatory strategies for synthetic peptides

Tips and tricks in the preparation of anti-peptide antibodies

Aspects of greening peptide chemistry within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Improving crude product quality for complex synthetic peptides

Short arginine analogs: peptide synthesis and prediction of biological effects – Efficient synthesis of peptides containing short analogs of arginine and stability evaluation with docking. Prediction of biological effects of short arginine analogs using computational methods.

Exploring methods for a difficult coupling

Therapeutic peptides – What makes them different?

Development of an efficient purification method for a peptide pharmaceutical – Optimisation of HPLC separation and considerations for scaling up to production scale in case of the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide

New manufacturing process to produce highly uniform resins with excellent performances in Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

Oral peptide therapeutics: Getting easier to swallow?

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