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- 04/07/2017

VivaScope® Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy – In Vivo Histology for Cellular Level Skin Analyses in Cosmetic Research and Dermopharmacy

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vivascopeWhat is Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy?

Confocal laser scanning microscopy makes it possible to depict cellular structures of living tissue in real-time and without the need for complex and lengthy preparation protocols and without invasive biopsies. The same area with a dimension of up to 8 x 8 mm can be repeatedly scanned and examined at different times. This method allows cosmetic research to document skin changes precisely, quickly and non-invasively and to analyze modes of action and the effectiveness of cosmetic and pharmacological substances and ingredients. In addition to the reflection image, the VivaScope 1500 Multilaser provides three fluorescence channels for specifically dyed tissue at the same optical resolution. New applications in the field of aesthetic and dermatological research are added all the time.


Competitive Edge in Research and Competency.


Optical Skin Biopsy in Real-Time

Confocal laser scanning microscopy opens a “window into the skin”. This innovative imaging process provides for the first time a non-invasive view into the epidermis and superficial dermis – in a pain free, uncomplicated, and quick manner.

Leading in Service and Consultation

MAVIG’s product portfolio not only includes devices and software for confocal laser scanning microscopy – in vivo and ex vivo. The company also provides comprehensive workshops and training opportunities using the actual devices as well as training materials for independent study. Users are able to expand and improve their application skills during a supervised online training session.

Microscopically Accurate and Non-Invasive

Confocal laser scanning microscopes offered by MAVIG make it possible to depict different skin structures step by step horizontally with microscopic accuracy and in cellular resolution.

vivascope 2


A Window into the Skin.vivascope3


Layer by Layer: A Journey through the Skin

In vivo examinations using confocal laser scanning microscopy allow for an optical biopsy using a non-invasive procedure. Cellular structures of skin can thereby be depicted cell by cell in clearly defined horizontal „optical cross-sections“ with a thickness of less than 5.0 μm (with Infrared laser) or even 2.5 μm (with Blue laser).


What are the applications of confocal laser scanning microscopy?


VivaScopes are used in medical fields and applications as well as cosmetic and Pharma research. Numerous companies from the cosmetics industry have been working with VivaScope devices for many years. Manufacturers and research companies such as Ashland, Beiersdorf and proDERM use the confocal laser scanning microscope, for example, for scientific studies and claims validation. The effectiveness of topical substances on the different skin compartment (different epidermal layers and papillary dermis) can be checked in vivo without subjecting test persons to a skin biopsy. The focus of the basic research is here on the guaranteed effectiveness and compatibility of newly developed skin and hair care products and on the prevention and remedy of skin damages. For example, some of the applications include pigmentation, skin aging, and measuring the epidermal thickness, sun damage, hydration, penetration, inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis or lupus, contact and irritant dermatitis, hair, as well as wound and scar healing. Aesthetic treatments such as peelings and laser treatments can also be monitored with confocal images, as well as the effects of antiperspirants and the skin changes brought about by acne or rosacea. Additional therapeutic indications are added over time.


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