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- 10/17/2023


Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Part of the COMPLIFE GROUP since December 2022, CHIMETE has more than 25 years of experience in providing RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT services for CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL industries.

Our SYNTHESIS DEPT. is dedicated to the synthesis of new chemical entities and the optimization and scale up of chemical processes, starting from a few milligrams up to hundreds of grams, mainly for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Our ANALYSIS LAB. is dedicated to the development, analysis and validation of analytical methods and stability studies.

Chimete’s facilities are located inside the “PARCO SCIENTIFICO TECNOLOGICO” in Rivalta Scrivia, which is a logistically strategic location at the center of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle.

The network formed over the years has allowed hundreds of customers to get to know the reality of Chimete and today, thanks also to the Complife Group international network, we can guarantee a worldwide overview and a very strong know-how that allows the management of complex projects with high operational and quality standards.

Chimete team is made of passionate and highly motivated chemists, who have been working together on more than 2000 projects and have developed a stability inside the group that allows for fast work.

Collaboration, integration and reliability are the pillars on which the team is built and constitute the same values that characterize the relationship with our customers.

We also believe that synergy between complementary skills is the key to success.

This is the reason why Chimete joined Complife in its growth towards innovation; through a specialization path aimed at implementing the specialized knowledge inside the group, the structures and the umbrella of services, to support customers always in a more complete way.