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- 03/27/2019

Zurko – Redefining the anti-aging concept: treatment or prevention?

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It exists several internal factors which affects our appearance and natural aging process (mainly genetic factors) in our skin. It should be noted, that recent scientific publications establish a genetic association between the MC1R gene and the facial appearance that we show regarding to our age.

At the same time, there is a huge correlation between certain external factors and how they act by modifying, in positive and in negative, the age of our skin. In this case, we can highlight factors such as the intense and prolonged solar exposure over time, which represents an average of four years more on the biological clock of our skin and regarding the tobacco consumption, it affects our skin in two years more on average in our biological clock. However, a healthy hydrated skin, as well as a good oral hygiene appearance, can makes us look two years younger.

As a result, epigenetics plays a fundamental role since it analyzes how the environment and external factors interact with our genes. For these reasons, Zurko Research it´s been following the new trend of cosmetic products focused on the prevention of the exposome or external factors to which we daily expose ourselves (solar radiation, pollution, stress, food, microorganisms), which influence directly on our cutaneous aging and the relations with our biological clock. In this matter, for cosmetic`s evaluation companies, it’s necessary to not just keep following trends on these innovative products, but also knowing how to test them so as to verify their efficacy and security.

In Zurko we try to stay up-to-date on the latest cosmetic testing topics.

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