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The Corner


The Corner,
Agro Food Industries 
Anti-Aging & Beauty Inside – Vol. 23(1) January/February 2012

, 6-9

Effipulp®, is a new anti-aging, detoxifying and plumping active
This peptide concentrate is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of defatted avocado pulp (cake). This green process respects the natural character of the fruit. The result is a dry, water-soluble extract that has a unique composition of peptides with very low molecular weight.
Effipulp® stimulates the Proteasome activity, enabling cells to recover their original functions and ability to synthetize endogenous Hyaluronic Acid (by 220% vs placebo, ex vivo study) and proteins, such as Filaggrine or Transglutaminase for a better cohesion of the stratum corneum for preserving moisture.
Laboratoires Expanscience conducted a double-blind study wherein 49 women with