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Aging Gracefully


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Along with increasing healthcare costs and a growing consumer interest in health and wellbeing, meeting the nutritional needs of an aging population is one of the key factors driving innovation and growth within the food, beverage and dietary supplement market.
Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but especially for those in later years who are more prone to conditions such as micronutrient deficiency, osteoporosis and dementia. When developing products for this key target market, manufacturers must make sure that formulations are aligned to meet the specific requirements of the elderly.

Healthy blood flow is often overlooked by manufacturers and consumers alike. The first ingredient to be awarded a positive opinion by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) under article 13.5, DSM’s Fruitflow® (1) is a naturally-derived, water-soluble concentrate which contributes to healthy blood flow by tackling blood platelet aggregation whi ...

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